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Donutchew A Different Kind of Donut - Mira Upper Rock Blog

Donutchew A Different Kind of Donut

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Donuts are donuts, right? Not so fast! Come on in to Donutchew for something you’ve probably never tried before: Mochi donuts!


Mochi donuts are so deliciously different from the ones found in most donut shops and bakeries. Made with glutinous rice flour, the texture is dense and chewy (some even describe it as “bouncy”). These are the best mochi donuts because they have the perfect level of sweetness and just the right texture to make them completely addictive. 


They are also made into a beautiful pon de ring shape that will look great on any dessert table or with your morning coffee. Try these glazed with any number of flavor variations. These mochi donuts are versatile, fun, and delicious!

Donutchew is located at Rio Town Center, 213 Boardwalk Pl Gaithersburg. Check out their ever-changing menu here. You’ll be glad you did!

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