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BurgerFi Who Doesn’t Love a Good Burger? - Mira Upper Rock Blog

BurgerFi Who Doesn’t Love a Good Burger?

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Some days, you just crave a burger. Pasta won’t cut it. Pizza isn’t the answer. Even wings and tacos just won’t do it for you. You need that most quintessential American dish to satisfy your hunger, a deliciously juicy, flavorful burger. BurgerFi wants to redefine how you satisfy that craving.BurgerFi wants to craft your best burger experience. This isn’t just some new burger joint. They serve chef-created, fresh food using 100% Angus beef with no additives. They also offer premium Wagyu beef, cage-free chicken, and award-winning Vegan burger options as well. And don’t forget to round out your burger experience with their fresh-cut fries or their beer-battered onion rings.

They have a fantastic menu to choose from and also offer a rewards program that gets you free fries on your first visit after signing up and a free Frozen Custard Shake on your birthday, in addition to earning points with every visit. So stop in and give your taste buds a treat. BurgerFi is located at 11881 Grand Park Avenue in North Bethesda, Maryland.

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