Grill Kabob Is a New Spot for Afghan Fare in Rockville

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Family-owned and operated, Grill Kabob is a local fast-casual chain established in 1998, and has since expanded to 15 locations, including a new location near Mira Upper Rock! Grill Kabob serves traditional, delicious Afghan food with a unique twist. They offer a variety of made-to-order kabobs and other authentic specialties, like the fresh-from-the-tandoor naan bread. Grill Kabob’s kabobs are marinated with finely ground, homegrown spices and grilled to perfection using the ancient culinary tradition of skewering and grilling meat over an open fire. Grill Kabob utilizes marinating and cooking techniques that have been perfected over the course of centuries, and they serve a huge variety of kabobs and special sauces so you can pick exactly what you're craving! With reasonable prices, amazing service, generous portions, and delicious food, Grill Kabob is just the place to enjoy traditional Afghan cuisine.

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