Sports and Social Bethesda: A Modern Sports Bar Near Mira Upper Rock

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New to the area of Rockville, check out Sports and Social Bethesda for a night full of entertainment and yummy bar food and drinks. While you dine in, you'll see HDTVs hanging on the walls and hear upbeat music playing in the background. You can order cocktails or beers from the bar counter, and there are plenty of tables and chairs spread out spaciously to relax with your party. The menu has a wide variety of items to pick and choose from, with something for everyone to enjoy and savor. A few dishes you may want to try are Korean rib nachos, hot and spicy chicken sandwiches with fries, and pork belly burgers. While you’re at it, pair a beverage with your meal, such as a ginger margarita or something else that piques your interest. Your taste buds will thank you later! “The atmosphere is perfect here for game days,” says a Yelp reviewer. “Super lively, and the DJ kept everyone entertained.” Make sure to come on a game day to watch your team play on the big screen, whether football, baseball, or basketball.

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